The Beginning of the End

Explanation of why I am thinking about exiting this soft-fetish hobby.


5/2/20242 min read

Well, I've been mulling it over for a few months now, and have decided that my recent PO Box renewal will be the last. Unfortunately, times have changed, and what has long been a fulfilling, exciting, and rarely frustrating hobby/side-gig, has turned into mostly headaches.

During my years of sharing through Ebanned, the majority of those on the other side of this special interest have been delightful. I made some actual, true-blue friends! Our special interest was generally a respectful exchange. My entire time on Ebanned, I only needed to block a small handful of individuals - but at the time, I thought even that was too many!

Now Ebanned has been gone for a while, and the only viable resource for practicing this special interest has been ATW (and occasionally other random places hither and tither). There have been a few diamonds in the rough, but in the past year I have never felt so disrespected. It has become a 50/50 crap shoot, and considering that this is only a hobby, I am taking that as my queue to prepare an exit.

It is interesting to ponder the possible causes for the change in behavior:

Is this a generational thing, and the rude individuals who are new to the scene are just more entitled than ever?

There are many more sellers than ever who offer much more than I am willing to offer, and at much lower prices (lower than I even started a long time ago, wth?) – has this created a superiority complex amongst the rude individuals?

Is this a side-effect of the mass mental deterioration from the covid-10 chaos?

Did Ebanned just make me spoiled?

Am I specifically being treated with more disrespect because I am older now?

Whatever the case, this just isn’t as fun anymore. With that said, I still have my PO Box open for nearly another year, and I have LOTS of undies, socks, shirts, pantyhose, etc. to spare, for those of you who continue to be wonderful, let’s have a good time with the remaining time and supply! Perhaps the tides will shift again over this next year, and I’ll find a reason to change my mind.

I want to close by saying, I am SO GRATEFUL for those of you who have been enjoying my items with me! I somehow doubt the assholes could find their way here, so I’m going to assume anyone reading this update is part of my most treasured group.

With all this information shared, feel free to check the trading post or the other avenues where you can find my goodies... I should be updating all of them with more stuff soon.